Bengali Association of New South Wales is a non-profit charitable and cultural organisation registered under the NSW Charitable Collections Act 1934.

The Association’s main objective is to promote Bengali language, literature, music, history and culture in the wider multicultural society of NSW. Since it's inception, the Association has enjoyed absolute loyalty and patronage of most of the Bengali settlers in metropolitan Sydney and country NSW. Regular sporting, cultural and religious functions are organised by the Association.
Charity work of the Association in Australia and abroad is highly commendable. However, limited resources have always restricted the Committee from doing more in this area.

The Association is managed by an Executive Committee consisting of the President, General Secretary, Treasurer and six Executive Members elected annually. Regular events organised include Durga Puja, Bijoya, Saraswati Puja, Annual Sporting Carnival, Bengali New Year’s Day, Rabindra Jayanti and Annual Dinner and Drama, etc.

BANSW was established in 1974 with only twelve member families. The founding members convened a meeting which was held at the now defunct India Tea Centre premises in the city. According to the resolution of that meeting the Association was registered. The Lotus logo with twelve petals was created as a symbol of twelve existing families who initially became members. More petals were subsequently added and eventually the logo was finalised in it's present form. 




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