For Bengali's, winter and badminton are almost synonymous. Be it at the local ground in the evenings on a weekday or at picnic, badminton forms an integral part of the Bengali psyche for young and old.

To shake out the winter blues and by popular demand from members, BANSW is pleased to organise a ONE DAY badminton tournament to be held on Sunday, 22nd July at Concord High School, 3 Stanley Street, Concord between 11:00 AM-5:00 PM.

We are looking forward to a fun filled day for participants, their family and members who will see some competitive and friendly game of badminton throughout the day.

We intend to have 3 categories (subject to number of registrations received)

1. Under 19 Category

2. Above 19 Category

3. Masters (for players above 50 Years ) 

All the games will be doubles, therefore please send registration as a team of 2. If you don't have a team of 2 but would like to play, send in your name we will pair you with someone on the day. It's open to WOMEN's, MEN's and  MIXED doubles teams are welcome as well. However, each player can play for ONLY ONE team.

Please note that the to  format/category may change in case less than adequate number of players register . The competition is open ONLY to BANSW members, hence, in case you have not paid your membership for last year, you can pay on the spot/ before the competition day. 

Registration Cost: There will be a cost associated with the game to meet the basic expenses we will incur for the day. We will send you details soon on that.

Play Type: Doubles, 21 points game

Competition Type: Round robin and Knock- out 

Reporting Time: 30 minutes before the scheduled game time (draws to be drawn earlier, after receiving registrations and will be informed in advance) Please send your nomination/ registration details as per below format:

  •  Age Category - 
  •  Name of players -  1>                                                              2>
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Durga Puja 2018

Bengali Association of New South Wales cordially invites you for Durga Pujo this year. Please join us to celebrate this grand event of ours with your family and friends. Add the below dates to your calendar.

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13th October, Saturday: Pujo starts at 11 am, followed by Anjali, Prasad and Bhog. Cultural program in the evening

14th October, Sunday: Pujo starts at 11 am, followed by Anjali, Prasad and Bhog. Durga Pujo ends with Boron, Shindur Khela and Dhunuchi Naach.

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